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Vaisala Vietnam

Code: MMT330 8W0F145QCAL100A02DMBAA1
Oil Moisture And Temperature Transmitter: MMT330
Transmitter Type: Code 8; Probe Cable Length: Probe 5m
Reserved 1: No Temperature Probe
Measurement Parameters: Code aw+T+ppm; Display: With Display
Power Supply: Universal AC-Power (100...240VAC) with EUR-Power Cord; Analog Output: Analog Output 0...10V
Analog Output Parameter and Scaling for CH1: Channel 1 ppm 0..100; Analog Output Parameter and Scaling for

CH2: Channel 2 T (Range See Below); Analog Output Parameter and Scaling for CH3: No Analog Outputs; Analog

Output Range for Temperature: Temperature Range 0...+100C; Output Units: Metric Units
Additional Feature: No Module; Additional feature 2: No Module
Interface Cable Connection: Sealed Cable Gland M20x1.5
Transmitter Housing Installation: No Installation Kit
Humidity Sensor: Humicap 180L2 Sensor Chemically resistant
Sensor Protection: Stainless Steel Filter HM47453
Probe Installation Accessories: Ball Valve ISO1/2 with Welding Joint
User's Guide: User's Guide MMT330 English
PC Accessories: No Accessories
Calibration: No Calibration Contract ISO9001 Calibration
Reserved 2: No Maintenance Contract

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