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Metrix Vietnam

IPT Seismic Vibration Transmitter ST


ADFweb Vietnam Code: HD67056-B2-20
Description : Converter
ADFweb Vietnam Code: APW020
Description : power supply
MOXA Vietnam Model: EDS-405A-MM-ST
Entry-level managed Ethernet switch with 3 10/100BaseT(X) ports, and 2 100BaseFX multi-mode ports with ST connectors, -10 to 60°C operating temperature 
CS-Instrument Vietnam P/N: 05600511  (0001)
Type: PI500 portable measuring instrument with intergrated date logger with power supply (05540009)
CS-Instrument Vietnam P/N: 06951124
Flow sensor type VA 500-Max. Version (185m/s) sensor length 220mm, including 5m cable to mobile instruments
Cablibration certificate included
CS-Instrument Vietnam P/N: 05548040
CS Basic the paperless recorder data evaluation in graphic and table form - reading out of the measuered data viaUSB tick or Ethernet. License for two working places
ANRITSU Vietnam Model: AP-450E
Thermo Printer
ANRITSU Vietnam Model: ST-13E-015-TS1-ANP 
MTS Sensor Vietnam Code: RHM0700MR021A01
Temposonics® R-Series
MTS Sensor Vietnam Code: RHM1150MR021A01
Temposonics® R-Series
MTS Sensor Vietnam Code: RPS1330MR021A01
Temposonics® R-Series
IMADA Vietnam Model: DST-20N
Power Transducer 
IMADA Vietnam Model: DST-5N
Super-mini Terminal Block Signal Conditioner
Leuze Vietnam MLD510-RT3
Rugged and cost optimized Type 4 safety 3beam light grid transceiver. 24VDC 2xPNP OSSD safety outputs. M12 5pin connection. Automatic restart. IP67 -30c°-+55c° Status LEDs. Transceiver range: 0.5 ... 6 m Bracket kits ordered separately.
Leuze Vietnam MLD-M003
MLD series passive mirror for MLD safety 3-beam transceivers. 0.5-6 meter range. IP67. Bracket kits ordered separately.
Leuze Vietnam BT-SET-240BC
Swivel and tilt adjustable MLD-Bracket set for MLD series tranceivers receivers or transmitters. Upto 240° Rotational adjustment. Heavy duty cast construction chrome finish.
Leuze Vietnam BT-SET-240CC
Swivel and tilt adjustable MLD-Bracket set (2pcs) for passive mirrors and single beam sets heavy duty cast construction chome finish.
Leuze Vietnam KD S-M12-5A-V1-050
Connection cable, M12 female, sheilded 5pin A-coded straight 5M black PVC
Leuze Vietnam MSI-MD-FB
Muting interface, 24VDC, IP67, Integrated muting interface for light curtain app., Sequence controlled 2-sensor muting, 4-sensor muting, Timing controlled 2-sensor muting, Muting-timeout extension, Muting enable function, LED display
Leuze Vietnam KD S-M12-8A-P1-050
Connection cable, M12 8pin straight Female A-Coded Black PUR shielded 5M cable, -20 ... 80 °C, IP 65, IP 66K, IP 67
Leuze Vietnam AC-ABF11
Display and acknowledgement unit for resetting AOPD devices. LED Illuminated reset button. Can also restart muting cycles. M12x4pin connection. Clamping plate supplied. IP69k. Can be used with all MLD series and others.
Leuze Vietnam KDS S-M12-5A-M12-5A-P1-006
Interconnection cable, M12 5pin female straight to M12 male straight A-coded Black PUR shielded 0.6M cable, IP 65, IP 67
Leuze Vietnam PRK 95/44 L.4
Polarized retro-reflective photoelectric sensor, 0 - 3m range, LED Red, M12 4-pin connector, 10 - 30VDC 2 x PNP outputs 17 mm x 66 mm x 35 mm -25 ... 60 °C IP67 Multiturn potentiometer
Metrix Vietnam Prox/DPS MX 8030-04-000-070-90-05
Prox. Probe with VibeLock™ connections - 8 mm Tip Dia., M10X1 threads, 0.5 or 1.0 m length, 20 mm to 250 mm case length (with armor); Adder for integral probe & extension cable (90 = 9 meter probe), 9 meter cable; Agency Approved For Hazardous Locations
E2S Vietnam Model: D1xC1X05FAC230CS2A1R/R
Alarm Horn & Xenon Strobe
Intensiv Filter Vietnam IF_81738
Type: C41/C52 EV-N/H
Intensiv Filter Vietnam IF_81739
C41 EH-N + pressure spring
Intensiv Filter Vietnam IF_54444
Type: C50/C80 EV-N
Intensiv Filter Vietnam IF_86413
SET Diaphragm replacement C50/51 +52 (standard) with pressure spring. Operating temperature up to 100°C ; Material: Eco / NBR
Aichi Tokei Denki Vietnam Governor Model: A40P-2
Please let us know below details when you order:
Gas type, Inlet pressure (P1), Outlet pressure (P2), Qmax.
Aichi Tokei Denki Vietnam Governor Model: A13N-1
Gas type, Inlet pressure (P1), Outlet pressure (P2), Qmax.
Aichi Tokei Denki Vietnam Governor Model: A25P-2
Gas type, Inlet pressure (P1), Outlet pressure (P2), Qmax.
Vaisala Vietnam Code: HMW92
Humidity and Temperature Transmitter, 2-wire
EBMPAPST Model : A2D300-AD20-49
Vietnam Thyristor
Mitsubishi Model : GM-DPB
Vietnam 0.75KW 4P 1/20 400/400/440V 50/60/60HZ Motor
Vaisala Vietnam Code: HMP60 A12A0A2B0
RH- and T- probe; Output Signal: Output Signals 0...1V
Measured Parameter for Channel 1: Channel 1 RH (0...100%)
Measured Parameter for Channel 2: Channel 2 T (-40...+60C)
Sensor Protection: Membrane Filter; No Accessories
Humidity Sensor: Intercap Sensor 229010HM
Shielded Cable, 0.32m, 4-pin M8 Female Straight
Quick Reference Guide HMP60; No Converter
Vaisala Vietnam Code: HM40 A1AB
HM40 Hand-Held Humidity and Temperature Meter
Probe: Standard probe (directly attached HMP113)
Batteries: Alkaline batteries; User's guide language: English
Vaisala Vietnam Code: HM70 F3F1A0DB
Hand-held humidity and Temperature meter
Vaisala Vietnam Dewpoint Transmitter Code: DMT143 G1C1A1A5A2ASX
O-ring Vietnam P/N: IPS-3082GC-AT
  Ethernet Modules
SITECNA Vietnam Art number:  FR12421S06ALFK2
Compressed Air Filter Regulator; min flow:388
Eurotherm /Eroelectronic Vietnam Code: LFS832143000
Temperature Controller 
MTS Sensor Vietnam Part No: RPS1800MD701S2B1100
Temposonics® R-Series

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