ANS Vietnam - Đại lý phân phối Vaisala vietnam

Vaisala Vietnam Correct Code: HMT330 7T2D101BCAE100B0EDABAA1
  Humidity and Temperature Transmitter
  Transmitter type: HMT337 for high humidities
  Probe cables: Probe 5m +180C; Additional temperature probe: T-probe, 5m, -70..+180°C 1/4 DIN Class B
  Calculations: Cod RH+T+Td+a+Tw+x+h+pws With warmed RH-pro+T-pro; With display; Power supply: Standard (10...35V,24VAC)
  Signal output: Analog Output 4...20mA
  Analog output signals for Ch1: RH (0...100%RH)
  Analog output signals for Ch2: Temperature Range -40...+180C
  No Analog output signals for Ch3; Output units: Metric Units
  no Option for module slot 1 &2; Cable bushings: Cond Uit Fitting NPT 1/2"; Transmitter installation: No Installation Kit
  Humidity sensor: Heated composite sensor with chemical purge default; Sensor protection: Stainless Steel Filter HM47453
  No Installation kit for probe; User´s Guide HMT330 English
  No PC Accessories; No Calibration Contract ISO9001 Calibration
  No Maintenance Contract
Vaisala Vietnam Code: DM70 K0A0A0B1
  Hand-held Dewpoint Meter
  Indicator Type: Indicator with Batteries; No Indicator Accessories
  Probe Type: Dewpoint probe for MI70 indicator, higher Td's
  No Probe Accessories; No Connection Cable to a Transmitter
  No Carrying Case; English User´s Guide DM70
Vaisala Vietnam Code: HM40 A1AB
  HM40 Hand-Held Humidity and Temperature Meter
  Probe: Standard probe (directly attached HMP113)
  Alkaline batteries; Package: Standard
  User's guide language: English
Vaisala Vietnam Code: DMT152-C1DBY11A400A1X
  Low Dewpoint Transmitter
  Mechanical connection: DMT152 Metal UNF 3/4 -16 Thread
  Measurement parameters: Td/f, ppm
  Analog output Ch1 & Ch2 + RS-485 as standard: Analog Output 0...5V
  Analog output parameter or function for Ch1: ppm 0...100ppm
  Analog output parameter or function for Ch2: ppm Free Scale
  Output units: Metric Units
  Pressure Setting for ppm Calculation: Ambient Pressure 1 bar(a) 14.76 psi(a)
  Sensor Protection: Mesh Filter 18um Stainless Steel
  Cable for Analog Outputs and Power Supply (Port 1): Shielded Cable, 5.0m,  4-pin M8 Female Straight
  No Cable for RS485 Line and Power Supply (Port 2)
  No Installation Accessories ONLY for ISO 1/2" Thread
  Special Features: Plastic Label 1180, 48+3mm, ZZ-Polyest
  Package: Cardboard Box; Quick Reference Guide DMT152
Vaisala Vietnam Part no: TMW92
  Temperature Transmitter, 2-wire
Vaisala Vietnam Part no: HMW92
  Humidity and Temperature Transmitter, 2-wire
Vaisala Vietnam Code: HMD60U
  Humidity Transmitter, 2-wire
Vaisala Vietnam Code: HMD60T
  Temperature Transmitter, 2-wire