DTM 8000 24/48 ch. Alarm Monitor

Analog Signals, Temperature Alarm Monitor 24, 48 Inputs, High Integrity, for Compressors and Turbines.

DTM8000 Continuous Smart Digital Alarm Monitor Series Information

The DTM 8000 is a Continuous Smart Digital Alarm Monitor System used for the reliable and effective monitoring of up to 48 Channels of process variables. 

The system is not a multiplexing type of machine (click here if you are searching for D2000M Multiplexer), but a continuous one, which means there is no delay in monitoring the variables, because each input signal is continuously monitored in a parallel operating mode. 

For this unit is suitable to monitor critical rotating machines like Turbines and Compressors, (for instance: Bearing Temperature) where a few millisecond delay in alarming and shutting down could result in a disaster for the entire machine and plant operation.

  Complete Series PDF Brochure