GM2300 Enclosures for D2000 Multiplexer

Field mounting enclosures for D2000M series Multiplexer system, suitable for Zones 0, 1, 2 and 20, 21, 22 applications.

The GM2300 Series field mounting enclosures are manufactured from carbon steel or stainless steel 316 sheet to provide high levels of corrosion resistance to process environments. 
The GM2300 series are suitable for Zones 1, 2 applications, equipped with suitable cable glands to accommodate wiring and one, two or four D2000M Series Multiplexer units D2010MD2011M and D2030M
Cable Gland type, measure and material can be defined by the customer depending on specific mounting needs. 
Carbon steel models are painted in blue colour.
All models are equipped with internal steel plate and T35 DIN Rail, according to EN 50022, for D2000M series system units mounting and wiring. 

Heating cables and an EEx d thermostat are available as options. These boxes require an EEx e junction box for the 220 Vac supply of the heating cable. 
Applications are for low ambient temperature of -40 °C. 

D1000 Connector Output Custom Panels

D1000 Series Connector Output Custom Panels for 8-16 Units (32-64 channels).

G.M. International offers many solutions for Customized Boards for an easy interaction with instrumentation of manufacturers like Invensys FoxboroABB,TriconexYokogawaHoneywell ..