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List code:

MTS Sensor Vietnam Code: RHM0145MK021S1G8100
Stroke length: 145mm
Balluff Vietnam BHS000T
BES 516-200-S2/2.062"-S21
Metrix Vietnam Model: Shaker HI-903
Portable Shaker, Adjustable Freq w/Fixed Ampl, Adjustable Amplitude, Extended Memory, USB Port for Automated Reports, Software, 115/220V, Portable Shaker, W/Pelican Case, CE Approved
Metrix Vietnam Model: Shaker HI-913
Portable Shaker, Adjustable Freq w/Fixed Ampl, Adjustable Amplitude, 115/220V , Portable Shaker , w/Pelican Case, CE Approved
E.L.B. Vietnam Replacement by: ER-144-A-6002e
(EX)i-Relay ER-144-A-EX-230 V AC, with push button R100k-1%, with routine test TÜV 00 ATEX 1604
Balluff Vietnam BTL108P
Balluff Vietnam BTL03A3
Balluff Vietnam BTL01M4
Balluff Vietnam BTL013N
Balluff Vietnam BTL1PAK
Balluff Vietnam BTL1PAH
KNF Vietnam 6669
Formed Diaphragm W/ BULGE NEOP/PTFE N726
KNF Vietnam 8822
Valve Plate PTFE-PFA N726
KNF Vietnam 115252
Connection Rod For Formmembrane N726
Schmersal Vietnam Code: 101157379
AZ 16 ZVRK-M20
Heidenhain Vietnam Replaced by: 735117-53
(538727-03) Incremental rotary encoder with integral bearing for mounting by stator coupling ERN 1331 2048 62S12-30 K 0,00 .. 65B.. 40 09
Argo-Hytos Vietnam Model: RPE3-062H51/02400E1
Valve Art.-No: 15740100
Argo-Hytos Vietnam Model: V2.0920-08 K1
Filter No. 15408501
Eletta Vietnam Model: S2FA65L (S2 FA65 L)
Flow Monitor with 2 adjustable switching points and analog display
Moons Vietnam Model: SR2/12
SR2/12- 48vdc
Allen Bradley Vietnam Model: 1761-CBL-PM02
Allen Bradley Vietnam Model: 1764-24BWA
Discontinued, only second hand products (80-90% new)
Laurels Vietnam Model: M24-MCR-MT1
MAGNA Series Large Digit Displays
Watlow Vietnam Model: K20-1-321
Part Information
Description 1: WR 321 S-GLS/IMP/S-GLS/
Product Class: WR; Product Sub Class: Y2; Unit of Measure: FT
Honsbergs Vietnam Model: RT-020AK004E
Flow Transmitter RT-020AK004E; Nominal width DN 20 - G ¾ A
Mechanical connection: Male thread; Housing material: stainless steel; Metering range: 0,40..  4,0 m³/h; Signal output: for electronics OMNI, FLEX, LABO
Dwyer Vietnam Model: 628-90-GH-P3-E1-S5
Light Star Vietnam Model: KBO-2
(3ΦPT - 50VA/1.0% -3P3W- 440/380V-220V)
Status Instrument Vietnam Model: STS/2/150 (STS / 2 / 150)
Temperature sensor probes, Thermistor 10K Style 2, Immersion length 150mm (6 inch)
Status Instrument Vietnam Model: STW/2/150 (STW / 2 / 150)
Thermowell for above, Style 2, Immersion length 150mm
Status Instrument Vietnam Model: SCH4 C/L/.5NPT/.5NPT/.5NTP/2 (SCH4 C / L / .5NPT/.5NPT/.5NTP / 2)
Connection Head for above assy, Body type: single side and base entry, Cap type : low profile, Entry type : 1/2" NPT, Retaining chain accessories
Status Instrument Vietnam Model: SEM206TH
Temperature transmitter, head type, for 10K Thermistor type
Status Instrument Vietnam Model: USB-CONFIG-MKII
Configuration Device
Status Instrument Vietnam Model: USBSpeedLink
Configuration Software
ERO Electronics Vietnam Correct Code: LFS93A113000
(LFS931113000) Temperature Controller
Status Instrument Vietnam Model: POD-3000-02
2X Mains rated trip relay
Status Instrument Vietnam Model: POD-3000-03
Islated analogue re-transmission (active /passive)
Point Lighting Vietnam Replaced by: POL-21005-2F-R-10B-EX-S1
(POL-21003-R-220V-F-10B-EX-S1 is discontinued)
Low Intensity Red LED Single Obstruction Light