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Valbia Vietnam Order Code: 82SR0014
Spring Return Pneumatic actuator; SR85 S82 ; Standard type
Valbia Vietnam Order Code: 72200008
Art. No 722000 - DN40
Full bore flanged ball valve PN16, in carbon steel  ASTM A105
Valbia Vietnam Order Code: 73000310
Art. No 730003 -  DN50
Full bore flanged ball valve, PN16 in cast iron according to EN 558 basic serie 14
Forbes Marshall Vietnam Code: 015CMTD42M-F
Size: 15NB; Compact Module –Thermodynamic Trap  –Flanged # 300 (With 3 Valves) MOC: A105
- Max AllowablePressure: 63bar g at 100 Deg C
- PMO Max Operating  Pressure: 42bar g
- Max Operating Temperature: 425 DegC at 42bar g (PC01N)
Apex Dynamics Vietnam Gearbox S/N. 2109173695
AB115-035-S1-P2/ ALLEN BRADLEY MPL-B330P (AB115-S1-P2)
Pleiger Elektronik Vietnam Part No.: 9362000000
Universal controller 362MC
Electronic controller with micro controller chip; display-, control- and input/output functions selectable for 2-point-, 3-point-, step-, continuous- and cascaded controller.
Software version:  standard, for 1 or 2 control loops
Power supply: 230V-AC +-10%, 50-60Hz +-5%, max.100mA
Displays: 2 line LCD text (values selectable)
                 1*LED 2,5-digit decimal,displays ATI1
Operation: by foil keyboard, menu guided (setpoint, parameter, profile, display)
Manual/Backup control: 1*manual/automatic and +/-(OP/CL); via buttons (relaisgroupl), MC-independent
Inputs: 2*PT100 for temp. transmitter (AI1+2)
             1*0(4)-20mA for current transm. (ATI3)
              1*200R for resistor (AI4)
              * contacts, (2. setpoint, 2. parameterset, output full OP/CL)
Outputs: 1*relaisgroupl +/-(OP/CL), 230V-AC/1A
                 1*relais alarm,, NO/NC
Interfaces: service interface RS232
Control range: 0-200 °C, scalable
Protection: front IP30, terminals IPOO
Installation: into panel cut-out
Connection: via screw/plug terminals at backside
BEI Sensor Vietnam Part No.: 01064-077
Model Correct: HS35F-1-14L-R2-SS-500-AB-5V/OC-TB-EX-S