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TOWA SEIDEN Vietnam Model: HL-400-L-85mm (Length = 85mm)
Rotary paddle type level switch
Power supply: AC100/ 110V or AC200/220V
Paddle size: W-35x80mm; Contact output: 1C SPDT (250V 5A)
MTS Sensor Vietnam Model: LPR1D1B11A0XKF4M01020S
Liquid Level Transmitter (MRK1D1B11A0M01020S)
Note: The MRK units are now obsolete – the replacement would be LPR1D1B11A0XKF4M01020S. This will be a fit and form replacement for the MRK, so the customer should not have any complications by installing and using the new LPR version
MTS Sensor Vietnam Model: 251983-2
Float Intfc #2 1.85 OD w/offse
Balluff Vietnam BHS0028
BES 516-300-S205-D-PU-03 Inductive sensor
PORA Vietnam Model: PR-SV-075
Valve Servo
Valbia Vietnam Code: 82DA0012
Pneumatic Actuator  DA63
RMF Systems Vietnam Part No.: 9330960
30HB RMF Filter Element Box 15 pieces 0,5 micron
RMF Systems Vietnam Part No.: 9286954
30SNV RMF Filter Element Vacuum Dried with FKM/Viton seal and 30gram silica-gel in Box