Profiler Gauge PG9800T

Non-destructive plastic bottles wall thickness measurement and profiling system

The Profiler Gauge PG9800T is an automated measuring device for at-the-line and laboratory-based plastic container wall thickness distribution measurement. The PG9800T provides non-destructive, accurate and repeatable wall thickness distribution measurement in a single operation. This compact device is ideal for determining wall thickness on PET and similar plastic bottles and containers.

The PG9800T performs:

  • Wall thickness measurement over the entire bottle sidewall
  • Vertical and horizontal sidewall thickness distribution measurements
  • Integrated section average calculations
  • Overall height measurement of plastic bottles


  • Automatically records and analyzes data
  • Measures up to eight sectors around the bottle or container
  • Touch screen operation
  • Provides integrated section average calculations for either three or five sections applications
  • Internal database stores data for numerous container types
  • Auto teach mode
  • Advanced reporting and SPC
  • USB printer and data connectivity
  • Simple, graphical screen display