TSM Decanter

TSM DecanterEnergy-Saving Dewatering and Thickening Decanters


Many TSM Decanters are employed in the sludge volume reducing process of the wastewater treatment plants. They are also installed in feces, garbage and cattle-stall effluent treatment plants.
TSM stands for the Triple-Saving Machine. It reduces maintenance labor, power consumption and flocculant consumption.


  • Compactly built machine
  • Low noise: the optional cover reduces it further down to 80dB or less.
  • Easy and quick installation: limited number of anchor bolts
  • Little power consumption: 20-40% less than the conventional ones
  • Wear resistive tile chips on the screw conveyor flight: less spare parts and less repair expenses
  • Both of the TSM dewaterer and thickener accomplish high solid recovery.


  • Mixed primary raw and waste-activated sludge
  • Aerobic/anaerobic digestion sludge
  • Community plant sludge
  • Septic tank sludge
  • Industrial effluent sludge
  • Garbage plant wastewater sludge
  • Cattle stall sludge