ANS Vietnam hân hạnh giới thiệu đến quí khách sản phẩm mà chúng tôi là đại lý phân phối:

BTEK SCALES Vietnam Part No.: 899-500000
Note: báo giá theo hình ảnh sales gửi
Balluff Vietnam BTL09N3
BTL5-E10-M4000-P-S32 Magnetostrictive Sensors
Gespasa Vietnam Code: 10040
AG-800 230 VAC 70-80 l/min Self-Suction Petro Pump
ERO Electronics Vietnam Code: TKS932133000A0
Temperature Controller
Euchner Vietnam Code: 110906
Euchner Vietnam Code: 128058
Euchner Vietnam Code: 127943            
Celduc Vietnam Code: SGT967360
3x75A/24-600Vac/Ctrl 8,5-30Vdc Three Phase Solid State Relays
B.E.A. ELECTRONICS Vietnam Remote Control for LZR-WIDESCAN
Asfa Antriebssysteme Vietnam Type: CD 250 C 80/36 x 165 DBUW
Asfa-Art.-No. 909.162
Hydraulic Actuator; Stroke: 165 mm
Note: delivery without a position transmitter
Rotronic Vietnam Model: HL-NT3-D
Rotronic HygroLog HL-NT Data Logger

Probe Inputs: 1; Display: YES

Calculation of all psychrometric parameters included
Range of application: -10…60°C, 0…100%RH
Probe Operating Range: -50…100°C, 0…100%RH
Freely selectable logging interval, 5 s…24 h
Power supply: 9 V (battery) ; Audible alarm and visual alarm
Rotronic Vietnam
Model: HC2-IC102
Rotronic Industrial Cable Probe
Operating Range: -100 to 200°C, 0 to 100%rH
Accuracy: ±0.1K / ±0.8%rH
Dimensions: Ø 15 x 100mm with 2 meter cable
Filter : SP-M15 Wire Mesh Filter
Power supply: 3.3…5 VDC ; Response time: <15s, without filter
Rotronic Vietnam Model: HL-DS-U2-420
Rotronic HLNT Docking Stations + Adapter Accessories
c/w 1pc Power Supply Adapter (AC1211-V1)
Proxitron Vietnam Art-No.: 5200E
LMA 100
Laser Distance Sensor
Measuring range 200 m (100 m with hot objects up to +1300 °C), 12 -30 V DC, 4 - 20 mA analog output, 3x PNP NO/NC outputs, short circuit protected, measuring range and switching function adjustable with software, adjusting aid and status signalisation LED, stainless steel housing, plug S8 (M12) 8 polig
Proxitron Vietnam Art-No.: 9850O
ST S8-2
S8 (M12) plug female straight 8 pol. with 2 m molded PVC cable
1=WH, 2=BN, 3=GN, 4=YE, 5=GY, 6=PK, 7=BU, 8=RD
Proxitron Vietnam Art-No.: 9816B
HM 2
Swivel stand for optical sensors; stainless steel, usable for OKA/B, LSA/B, LAA/B, LRA/B, LTA/B, OAA, OAF, OACF
Proxitron Vietnam Art-No.: 9861F
SIC 485U S6
interface converter RS485/USB; input 1,5 m connection cable S6 4 pol. (M12B), 1 = +Ub, 3 = -Ub, 2 = A, 4 = B; output USB,  1,8 m USB cable, incl. software ProSoft P1 on the USB stick, supply voltage via USB or external power supply adapter (accessory 9853B not included in the scope of supply)
Proxitron Vietnam Art-No.: 9853B
Power Supply 100 - 260 VAC, 24 V DC / 1 A
Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen Vietnam Art-No.: 23092916
Type: GA003, E0190300
(replace for  74289403 - Transmitter MR1 MU)
Bentone Vietnam Part no: 740002674604
The burner 2 stage BG400-2; Capacity (kW): 60 – 260
Controls: LMG22 /UV; Valves: DMV-DLE 512/11+ MVD 215/5
Ball- valve: 1 1/2" ; 1.)Min inlet gas pressure (mbar) 65
Metrix Vietnam Code: ST5484E-121-0132-00
IPT Seismic vibration transmitter, loop powered
Full Scale Range - 1.0 ips (25.4mm/SEC), pk
Mounting Stud - INTEGRAL 1/2" NPT STUD MOUNT, 303 SST
Hazard Rating - ATEX, Ex ia IIC, T4, Intrinsically Safe
Connection -  4-20mA, 2 Pin Terminal Block
High Pass Filter - No Filter (2 Hz), Standard
Low Pass Filter - No Filter (1500 Hz), Standard
Baumuller Vietnam Part no: 528171, Thanh rail nhôm 4200mm
AC motor as serial number 21737679
Motor DSD2-100LO65U-20-54-AOB-MNP-K-AN-0+DA1 9.4kW
Producer no: 00466785
Newson Gale Vietnam Medium Size, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Clamp with 5 Metre Cen-Stat Spiral Cable
Product Code: VESX45/1G05/X45
Clamp Certification: Zone 0/20, ATEX and FM
Description: Medium size X45, heavy-duty clamp, for grounding and bonding of metal objects from small cans to 55-gallon drums. Connected with high mechanical strength, spiral static bonding cable with anti-UV, high chemical, and abrasion-resistant anti-static coating. Ring Terminal: 10mm ring connection; Length: 5 meters (Fully extended) ; Cable: 4mm2 multi-stranded steel cable with green Hytrel coating to 6 mm O.D.
Clamp: Stainless steel clamp with twin tungsten carbide tips
Aichi Tokei Denki Vietnam Model: TRZ200D-C/5P (new version of old model TRZ200D-C/4P)
Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Air
External power supply type; with 5m cable
Aichi Tokei Denki Vietnam Model: TRX80D-C/5P (new version of old model TRX80D-C/4P)
Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Air
External power supply type; with 5m cable
Halstrup Walcher Vietnam Model: PSE312S
Motor Tipo
Emerson Vietnam Model: M500D
Controller Module
Bently Nevada Vietnam TK-3e   177313-02-02
Proximity System Test Kit
Metrix Vietnam Model: ST5484E-123-0232-00
IPT Seismic vibration transmitter, loop powered
Full Scale Range - 2.0 ips (50.8mm/SEC), pk
Mounting Stud - 3/8 X 24 UNF - 1/2" STUD MOUNT, 303 SST
Hazard Rating - ATEX, Ex ia IIC, T4, Intrinsically Safe
Connection -  4-20mA, 2 Pin Terminal Block
High Pass Filter - No Filter (2 Hz), Standard
Low Pass Filter - No Filter (1500 Hz), Standard
Gerfan Vietnam Part no: S9O15
Code: ADV-4370-KBX-4 AC Drive Technology for water
Gerfan Vietnam Part no: S9O06
Code: ADV-2055-KBX-4; Field oriented vector AC Drive for synchronous/asynchronous motors
Metrix Vietnam Code: SW6000-5032-450
Electronic Vibration Switch
Limits & Displays - One limit, triac, w/ display
Full Scale Range - 20 mm/sec, pk
Input Power - 230 VAC, single phase, 50/60 Hz
Certifications Local Reset Options -  CE and CENELEC EEx d IIB + H2, T4; Input/Output Options - 4-20 mA proportional to F.S. range and adjustable startup / trip delay; Mounting/Conduit Entries - 1/2" NPT stud mount / 3/4" NPT conduit entry
Metrix Vietnam Code: 450-DR-2-2-22-0-1-0-0
Electronic Switch, double relay, analog output, CSA, Class 1, Div 1, Grps B-D, painted finish; Dual Trip/Analog Signal Output
Analog Signal Output - 4-20 mA, absolute; Scale -  3 to 40 mm/sec
Shutdown and Alarm Circuit - 170 mA, 250 V, SPST
Enclosure - Standard, CSA, Class I, Div 2, Grps B-D* (440)
Input Power - 230 VAC 50/60; Lockout Function – None
Transducer - Internal transducer
Rico Werk Vietnam Type: 591 296 (591296)
Analog signal divider without isolated test amplifier
Cirrus Vietnam Code: CLT5-SS
Water level sensor; Range: 10m; Cable: 12m
Out: 4-20Ma; Supply: 24VDC
Hans-Schmidt Vietnam Model: TEM-I
Textile Moisture Meter
Stahl/R. Stahl Vietnam 8040/1190X-34H2BF05
Same design as 2010274141/0020
ANRITSU Vietnam Model: MG-22K-TS1-ASP
Lenton Vietnam Model: AF1106-230SN
AF 11/6B 1100°C, 6 litres, Economy Ashing Furnace (220 - 240 V single phase + N)
Including: 02-3216CC 3216CC PID controller
Lenton Vietnam Model: 02-3216P1
Upgrade to the 3216P1 programmer with 8 segment-pairs
(Có thể chọn thay thế 02-3216CC)
Lenton Vietnam Model: TMP-DIGOT-F
Digital over-temperature protection
ApolloFire Vietnam Model: 55000-885APO
XP95 Multisensor Detector
ApolloFire Vietnam Model: 45681-210APO
XP95 Mounting Base
BARTEC FEAM Vietnam Ordering No.: 07-7311-97WP/K1E0
Emerson/Ovation Vietnam Part No.: 5X00225G01
Khối đế nguồn của bộ điều khiển OCR400
Woodward Vietnam Model: 8440-2167 CONTROL-SPM-D2-1010B/YB
Woodward Vietnam Model: 8440-2150 CONTROL-LS-521-5/P1
Engler Vietnam Model: ETSM-4.17.A4.B4.250.300.7
Bently Nevada Vietnam Code: 1900/65A-00-00-00-00-00
Celtron Under Vishay Group Vietnam Celtron STC S-Beam Load Cell
Nickel-plated alloy steel construction
Capacity: 50kg ; Accuracy class: STD ; Cable length: 6m
(Loadcell  STC-50kg; O/P: 3.0053 mV/V S/N AE66813)
Honeywell Vietnam Model: CC-PAIX01
Honeywell Vietnam Model: CC-PDIH01
Honeywell Vietnam Model: CC-TAIX01
Honeywell Vietnam Model: CC-PAOX01
Honeywell Vietnam Model: CC-TAOX01
Honeywell Vietnam Model: CC-PDIH01
Honeywell Vietnam Model: CC-TDI220
Honeywell Vietnam Model: CC-PDOB01
Honeywell Vietnam Model: CC-TDOB01
Honeywell Vietnam Model: CC-PCF901
Honeywell Vietnam Part No.: 143553
PATLITE Vietnam Model: KJB-202-RY
Light Tower
AGR Vietnam C526
The Manual Preform Perpendicularity Gauge is a manually operated measuring device.
- Necessary adjustable mechanical featuring to accommodate
  different sizes and shapes
- Neck adapters for 28mm and 38mm PCO finishes
- Dial gauge with digital readout, resolution to 0.001mm
AGR Vietnam Code: 6526011
AGR Vietnam Code: 6526101
AGR Vietnam Code: 6526102
Poundful Vietnam Model: PF-LBP-L2Q-3
Programmable Loadcell Transmitter
Apex Dynamic Vietnam PAII060-010-S2 / MITSUBISHI HF-KP43B
Apex Dynamic Vietnam ABR060-010-S2-P2 / MITSUBISHI HF-KP43B
Balluff Vietnam BTL0M75
BTL5-C10-M0457-P-S32 Magnetostrictive Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BAM014H
BTL5-F-2814-1S Mechanical Accessories
Balluff Vietnam BCC00TT
BKS-S 32M-00 Field-Attachable Connectors
Towa Seiden Vietnam Model: PRL-200 (PRL-200-150)
Rotary paddle type level switch ; Length=150mm
Power supply: AC200/220V; Flange: JIS5K65A [Aluminum]
Paddle size: W-1 (80x80mm, SUS304); Contact output: 1C SPDT (250V 5A); Temperature: Max 200oC
Baumer Vietnam Part no: 10155343
Model: DZCY 05-PU-MM-C
Baumer Cable: DSRV to DDBF Amplifier 5-Meters
Selet Vietnam Sensor B01QE04020PSC
Fine Suntronix Vietnam Model: MSF35-12
Power Supply
Dino-Lite Vietnam AM4113T
Dino-Lite Vietnam AD4113ZT
Imada/Hans-schmidt Vietnam Model: DMH-850-1-F
Thickness gauge
Dinel Vietnam Model: DLM-35NT-31-G3/4-I-C-E2000
Capacitive level meter
Watlow Vietnam Replaced code (customize):
MTS Sensor Vietnam Model: RHM0690MD561E101
Temposonics® R-Series
Balluff Vietnam BES008L
BES M18MI-PSC80B-S04G Inductive Sensors
Allen Bradley Vietnam Model: 871TS-M4BP12-D4
Proximity Sensor
Allen Bradley Vietnam Model: 889D-R4AC-10
Hans-Schmidt Vietnam Model: ZEF-100
Tension Meter
Balluff Vietnam BIL0006
BIL EMD0-T060A-01-S75 Magnetoinductive Sensors
FineSuntronix Vietnam Model: FDR50-24
Power Supply


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