Sick Vietnam Art no: 1018044 
Code: KT5W-2P1116
Sick Vietnam Code: WL24-2B430
P/N: 1017860
conn. M12-4p
Sick Vietnam Code: PL80A
P/N: 1003865
Riflettore 80x80 mm2
Sick Vietnam Art No: 6022764
Sick Vietnam Code: DT50-P1113 DISTANZ SENSOR
Art no: 1044369
Distanzsensor DT50-P1113 Reichweite 200...10000 mm
Analogausgang 4...20mA 1 Schaltausgang, invertierbar
Sick Vietnam Bar code scanners
Art-No: 1042125
weight: ca. 0,7 kg/pc
Sick Vietnam Connectivity
Art-No: 1042256
weight: ca. 0,35 kg/pc
Sick Vietnam Cloning modules
Art-No: 1042259
weight: ca. 0,03 kg/pc
Sick Vietnam Mounting brackets
Art-No: 2020410
weight: ca. 0,07 kg/pc
Sick Vietnam Connection cable
Art-No: 2041834
weight: ca. 0,02 kg/pc
Sick Vietnam Connection cable
Art-No: 6034414
weight: ca. 0,02 kg/pc
Sick Vietnam Barcode CLV650-6120
P/N: 1042125
Sick Vietnam Barcode Reader CDB620-001
P/N: 1042265
Sick Vietnam Mounting bracket
P/N: 2020410
Sick Vietnam Cloning module CMC600-101
P/N: 1042259
Sick Vietnam Cable SSL-1J04-G02ME
P/N: 6034414
Sick Vietnam Stecker dose
P/N: 2041834
Sick Vietnam Replaced by: 1037697
Striche, 10 ... 32V, HTL / push pull
(P/N: 1031953
Type: DGS60-G4A01024)
Type: DFS60E-S4EA01024
p/n: 1037697
Sick Vietnam ART NO: 1041436
Sick Vietnam LIDAR modeling device for 3D objects on the ground                        LMS 511-20100
Art No. 1047782
Sick Vietnam MOUNTING SET 1                            
Part No. 2015623
Weight: Hàng nhẹ
Sick Vietnam CABLE. PLUG ST. 10M0 4*0.75 M12         
Part No. 6042565 
Sick Vietnam CABLE. PLUG ST. 10M0 12*0.14 M12          
Part No. 6042736
Sick Vietnam MALE. ST. 10M0 4*0.75 M12                         
Part No. 6042733 
Sick Vietnam SSL-2J04-G10ME                            
Part No. 6030928
Weight: Hàng nhẹ
Sick Vietnam Replaced by: WSE250-2R1531
(Code: WS/WE250-S132)
Sick Vietnam Sick Sensor
Code: WTB27-3P2421
Sick Vietnam Replaced by: DFS60E-S1CK01024    
Sick Vietnam Code: WTB27-3V2411S02
Art no: 1028062
Sick Vietnam Art No: 1045095 
Code: WL4S-3P2230V
Sick Vietnam Art No: 6026109 
Code: WT100-N1412
Sick Vietnam IM12-04NPS-ZCK (IM1204NPSZCK)
Art-No: 1017429
inductive proximity sensor
Sick Vietnam Code: WL9-3N1162
Art no: 1049068
Sick Vietnam Correct: WT34-V210
Art no: 1019280
(Code: WT34-V120
1019 280)
Sick Vietnam Code: WL9-3P1130
Art no: 1049055
Sick Vietnam Art no: 1044442 
Code: WTB11-2P2461
Sick Vietnam Art no: 1049059
Sick Vietnam Art no: 1036557
Sick Vietnam Code: KUP-0606-B
Sick Vietnam Correct: SRM50-HFA0-K21
(Model: RM50-HFA0-K21
Nr: 1037071)
Sick Vietnam Code: WTB9-3P1111 REFLEXIONS-LICHTT
Art no: 1049042
Model: S30A-4011BA
Art no: 1028934
Sick Vietnam Art no: 1030052
Absolute Linear Encoder
Sick Vietnam Code: ATM60-PAH13X13 
Art No: 1030015
Weight: 1.56 kg
Sick Vietnam Code: VL18-3P3140
Art No: 6013527
Note: Checking
Sick Vietnam Code: VS/VE18-4P3440  SEN
Art No: 6013695
Weight: 0.12 kg
Sick Vietnam Code: WTB12-3P2411 
Art No: 1041422
Weight: 0.12 kg
Sick Vietnam Code: VS/VE18-4P3440  SEN 
Art No: 6013731
Weight: 0.12 kg
Sick Vietnam Code: L21E-21MA1A  LICHTSCHRANKE
Art No: 6034875
Weight: 0.13 kg
Sick Vietnam Code: L21S-21MA1A  LICHTSCHRANKE
Art No: 6034874
Weight: 0.13 kg
Sick Vietnam Code: MHL15-P3236 
Art No: 1026127
Weight: 0.1 kg
Sick Vietnam Code: MHL15-P3336 
Art No: 1026129
Weight: 0.1 kg
Sick Vietnam Code: MHL15-P3338 
Art No: 1026137
Weight: 0.1 kg
Sick Vietnam Code: MHT15-P3317 
Art No: 1026097
Weight: 0.7 kg
Sick Vietnam Code: IME12-04NPSZC0S 
Art No: 1040748
Weight: 0.03 kg
Sick Vietnam Code: IME12-04NPSZW2K 
Art No: 1040749
Weight: 0.03 kg
Sick Vietnam Code: WF15-40B410  FOR
Art No: 6028430
Weight: 0.75 kg
Sick Vietnam Code: WL12G-P510S10
Art No: 1025259
Note: Checking
Sick Vietnam Code: WT34-B410 
Art No: 1019229
Weight: 0.14 kg
Sick Vietnam Code: VTE18-4P2240  PHO
Art No: 6013407
Weight: 0.06 kg
Sick Vietnam Code: M40Z-043020TR0  MULTIPLE BEAM SYSTEM
Art No: 1200130
Weight: 4.50 kg
Sick Vietnam Code: PSD02-2301  UMLENKSPIEGEL
Art No: 1027908
Weight: 2.87 kg
Sick Vietnam Code: PSD01-1501  UMLENKSPIEGEL
Art No: 1027906
Weight: 1.52 kg
Sick Vietnam Code: IM18-08NPS-ZW1  IND
Art No: 6011995
Weight: 0.11 kg
Sick Vietnam Code: WL11-2P2430 
Art No: 1041385
Weight: 0.47 kg
Sick Vietnam Code: WLL170-2N132   PHO
(WLL170 - 2N132)
Art No: 6029515
Weight: 0.09 kg
Sick Vietnam Code: WT2S-N131
Art No: 1022663
Weight: 0.03 kg
Sick Vietnam Code: IME18-08BPSZC0S 
Art No: 1040966
Weight: 0.06 kg
Sick Vietnam Code: DFS60E-TEEA01024 
Art No: 1053141
Weight: 0.31 kg
Sick Vietnam Code: IME18-08BPSZC0K 
Art No: 1040965
Weight: 0.5 kg
Art No: 1007413
Sick Vietnam Replaced by: DFS60E-S4AB00500
Sick Vietnam Replaced by: DFS60E-S4AB01000
Sick Vietnam Code: IM30-15NNS-ZW1 IND
Art no: 6020283
Sick Vietnam Code: IM18-08NNS-ZW1 IND
Art no: 6011996
Sick Vietnam Code: IM12-04NNS-ZW1 IND
Art no: 6011976
Sick Vietnam Replaced by: WL27-3P2431
Art no: 1027982 
(Code: WL27-2F440)
Sick Vietnam Replaced by: WL27-3P2451
Art no: 1027770
(Code: WL27-2F440)
Sick Vietnam Code: S30A-4011BA
Art no: 1028934
Versione Standard
3.5-5kg set package included
Sick Vietnam Code: SX0A-B0905G
Art no: 2049222
Sick Vietnam Code: CABLE,  STEC/DOS
Art no: 6021195   
Cavo 2 metri.:Interf. Seriale PC/ Interf.
(RS232 cable)
Sick Vietnam Power supply DC24V for 14W
with Local Box
Note: Checking
Sick Vietnam Code: C20S-060204A11
Art no: 1016639
Trasm. C.l., standard H=600mm
Sick Vietnam Code: C20E-060304A11
Art no: 1016577
Ricevitore standard H= 600mm
Sick Vietnam Code: DOL-127SG05ME25KM0
Art no: 6020354
Connettore M12x8 femm. dritto, cavo 5mt, PUR
Sick Vietnam Code: BEF-2SMKEAKU4
Art no: 2019649
Set 1, per profili piccoli
Sick Vietnam Photoelectric sensors
Part number: 1042062
Sick Vietnam Ultrasonic sensors
UM18-20012     ULT
Part number: 6025670
Sick Vietnam Plug connectors and cables
STE-1204-G     PLU
Part No : 6009932
Sick Vietnam Fork sensors
Model: UFN3-70B413 
Part No: 6049678  
Sick Vietnam Photoelectric sensors
Type: GTE6-P1212
Art No: 1051783
Sick Vietnam Photoelectric sensors
Type: GL6-N1112
Art No: 1051780
Sick Vietnam Photoelectric sensors
Type: GL6-P1112
Art No: 1051779
Sick Vietnam Art no: 1029887 
Sick Vietnam Sensor
Art No: 1047402
TYPE: DS50-P1112
Sick Vietnam WL100L-F2231
Art no: 6030710
Sick Vietnam WE9-3P3430
Art no: 2055823
Sick Vietnam KT3W-P1116
Art no: 1019338
Sick Vietnam Replaced by: WL9-3N1132
(Photoelectric sensor reflex polarised
Code: WL9-2N131)
Sick Vietnam Replaced by: WTB9-3N1161
(Sensor Photoelectric proximity switch
Code: WT9-2N130)
Sick Vietnam Replaced by: WT18-3P410
alternative product - please check details attached
Photoelectric proximity sensor
No. 1025889
weight: 0,068 kg/pc
Note: We also quote SICK. This article is identical in construction with the Wenglor article, but a lot cheaper
(Code: HN70PA3
Reflex Sensors with Background Suppression)
Sick Vietnam Art no: 1054136 
Code: DFS60E-S4CL01250
Sick Vietnam Art no: 1037577
Code: DFS60E-S1CK01024
Sick Vietnam Art no: 1030013 
Code: ATM60-P4H13X13
Sick Vietnam Art no: 2029225 
Code: AD-ATM60-KA3PR
Sick Vietnam Art no: 6036355 
(Code: LFV200)
Sick Vietnam Art No: 1040475
Code: DT500-A311 (DT 500-A311)
Sick Vietnam 6008814  WL160-P142  REFLEXIONS-LS
(Code: WL160P142)