Sản phẩm: Connector, relay terminal, relay.

Interface Terminal Block TGF Series, XTB-PLC Series, TG7-COM20P Series, TG7-1H40Q Series, TG Series, TG7-C Series, TG7-1H40L Series, SR Series
  SC Series, ULTRA Series, SA Series, SE Series, XTB Series, XTB-COM series.
PLC Front Connector SM-S7-300H/J Series, SM-S7-300T Series, SM-S7-300A/B Series.
Connector Type I/O Distributor MC series, JT-4N(P), JT-8N(P), Plug wire-mount, Socket wire-mount, Socket board-mount.
Terminal Connectors TC-40F
Terminal Part ST-A Series, SPR Series.
Slim Size Relay Terminal R1T Series, R4T-G6D, R8T Series, R4T-S Series, R4T-E Series, R6T Series, R16C-A Series, R16C-B Series,
  R32C Series, R32F Series, R32C-E Series, R16T Series, R32T Series, R32C-I Series, R1T-E Series, R4T-M Series.
6.0~10.0mm Size Relay Terminal R32D Series, R32G Series, R4Q-24V, R16Q Series, R2G-24V, R4G-24V, R16G Series, R8G-24V, R16G-F Serise.
10[A] Size Relay Terminal AHN Series, OMRON G2R Large-capacity R16P Series, Large-capacity R16A Series, mounting Panasonic AHN Relay, 
  R4P Series, R4A Series, R4W-DC24VC, R16W Series.
PhotoMOS/SSR Terminal S1T-4P, S4T-16P, S16C Series, S32C Series, S4A-24V-2Z, CM-Z202D (PhotoMOS Relay), CM-G22124, 
  S1A-24V-2Z, S32F Series. 
I/O Cable IO cable for PLC connection, R32G/R32D/R16P/R16A Only Cable.
SCR Series GMY4 relay (MY-type 4PDT relay), GMY2 relay (MY-type SPDT relay), GLY4 relay (LY-type 4PDT relay)
GLY2 relay (LY-type SPDT relay), SMY4 relay (MY-type 4PDT relay), SLY2 relay (LY-type SPDT relay),
SMY41S (SCREW MY type only socket for relay), SLY21S (Socket type only for LY DPDT SCREW), 
SLY40S (SCREW socket type only for LY 4PDT), SMY41E, GMY41S, GLY21S.
Power Distribution Block XK2-35/10x4, XK2-35/4x9, XK2-35+25/16x4, XK2-50/10x6, XK2-50/16x4, XK2-70/6x12, XK2-70/10x8, 
XK2-70x2/10x8,  XK2-70/16x6, XK2-95/25x4, XK2-120/16x8, XK2S-70/10x6, XK2-185/35x8,  XK2S-25/10x2+4x2, XK2S-25/4x9. 
XK2S-35/4x9, XK2S-70/16x4.
Sealed Connector MSC Series BOLT, MSC Series FLANGE
QPORT/ Sensor Distributor  MPT Series (Terminal unit-mounted Board), MPA Series (Inseparable main cable), 
  MPB Series (M23 Separable M23 main cable), MSA Series (Inseparable main cable typed M8 distribution box), MSB Series
QPORT/ M12/M8 Sensor Cable M23 Main Cable (For connection with MPB board),M12S sensor actuator cables(IP67 waterproof standard M12 cable suitable for),
M12 LED mounted sensor cable (M12 connector, a built-in LED lamp in motion easy to remove)
M8 sensor connection cable ( M8 connection cable : Corresponding to the unit using the standard M8 module)
The connection cable for M12 distribution board to sensor with M8 connector (Sensor Cable with M12 to M8)
M12 Standard cable (2 standard branching signal cable connection M12)
Intermediate branched M12 cable (Branch cables for double signals with M12 connectors)
M12 connection cable with braid shield to prevent noise
M12 8 Pole shielded cable
M8 distribution box - M12 sensor connection cable
QPORT/M12/M8 Accessories Y12D Series, M12A-S Series, PM12-4F/M, EAM12-G-4P, M12A-B Series, M8A-B Series, M12A-I Series, Y12W Series,
M12S cable for connecting accessories(M12S cable mount holder), M8S cable for connecting accessories (M8S Cable Mount Holder)
QPORT/Cable Entry Cable entry ES28 Series (Applicable cable outer diameter less than 27.5mm), Cable entry ES23 Series (Applicable cable outer diameter less than 22.5mm),
Cable entry ES14 Series (Diameter less than 13.5mm /18.5mm apply less cable)
QPORT/Valve Plug Cable Valve plug cable (Hydraulic solenoid valve power supply for power plug)
QPORT/Fieldbus Cable DeviceNet M12 cable (Integrated DeviceNet cable with M12 connector)
DeviceNet 7/8 (DeviceNet 7/8)
PROFIBUS DP M12 cable (Integrated PROFIBUS DP cable with M12 connector)
CC - Link M12 cable (Integrated M12 connector CC - Link Cable)
EtherCAT M12 / RJ45 cable (M12 / RJ45 connector integrated EtherCAT cable)
PROFINET M12 / RJ45 cable (Integrated PROFINET cable with M12 connector)
7/8 Power cable (7/8 connector integrated power cable)
M12 Termination resistors (M12 Termination resistors)
7/8 Termination resistors ( 7/8 Termination resistors)
DeviceNet connection cable
Industrial Ethernet connection cable
CC-Link connection cable
EMI Shielded M12B/M12D Series (Screw Fastening Type M12 Shielded Connectors)
U78T Series (7/8-16UN T-branch connector)
MPA-DN Series (DeviceNet Passive distribution box with M12 connectors)
MPC-DN Series (M12 DeviceNet Passive distribution box)
M12D-Q Series (M12 D-coded connector EMC type for Network)
M12T Series (DeviceNet M12 T-branch connector)
U78T-5DN-M12 (DevieNet, 7/8"-16UNF, M12 A-coded T-branch connector)
EcoFlex Ecoflex (Exclusive operating cable system for cleanroom)
Cable Harness  MITSUBISHI J3/J4 Servo Cable
YASKAWA Servo Cable
PANASONIC A4/A5 Servo Cable
OMRON G5 Servo Cable
Machine Vision Cable
PLC Optical Cable
Harness Accossories
FA Cable TAIYO EXT/FE High Flexible/High Velocity/Clean Roo
TAIYO EXT/XL Cable Carrier(veyor)/Clean Room
UL2464 Cables for Fixed Wiring
FA Network Cable
Uflex Uflex