Marek Vietnam Marek Einphasen-Netzgerät BV9400  
Prim: 230..240 V 50 Hz  
Sek: 24 Volt DC  
Imax: 3 Amp   
Bauform: im Gehäuse  
Anschluß: Eingang über 1m Netzkabel (3 x  0,75mm²)     Eingang u. Ausgang mit Kabelverschraubung   Dimensions: (150 x 90 x 100)  
Weights: 2,2-5 kg
(BV 9400-NACH EN 61558) 
Herth Vietnam 49103191
resistance thermometer 2*PT 100/0
Code: 41103008-00
Resistance Thermometer 2xPT100/0)
Herth Vietnam 49103205
angle mating connector
IFM Vietnam II0095
Induktiver Sensor II2015-BBOA (II-2015-BBOA)
Jumo Vietnam Part-No: 43008702
401001/000 TN 43008702,
F-NR: 012799820100843000)
Jumo Vietnam Replaced by: 43006707
process connection G 1/4 DIN EN 837 instead of G 1/2 DIN 3852-11, pressure connection G1/4 instead of G 1/2
401001/000 TN 43008702,
F-NR: 012799820100843000)
Jumo Vietnam Nr.: 43009198
Model: 404366/000
Input: 455
Output: 405
Process connection: 523
Material of process connection: 20 Electrical
connection: 61 175301-803 form A
Extra code: 000
0 .. 1.6 bar relative
4..20mA 2-wire
G 1/2 DIN 3852-11
CrNi (stainless steel)
connector for cable connection DIN EN
without extra code
Ross Vietnam Ross Solenoid valve
Model: D2771C6032
KWD Vietnam KWD Angebot TK-N
Model: TK-N-A 630-KWN 29000-KWD
your material No: Hydrodynamic coupling 674484
Noted & Confirmed: Main dimension see drawing in annex TK14A/022 or TK14A/023, please specify the bore diameters by ordering the coupling
EMB Vietnam Monitoring relay  (no Buchholz relay) for tap changer
Type: 12 (ÜRF 25/10)
in specification 12-
Technical remarks:
- Contacts: 2 (1x normally-open, 1x change-over)
- Damper setting: 3,00 m/s +/- 15%
- Colour RAL 7032
- Very special version suited for sea climate
- Language of plate and documentation : English
Raeder-Vogel  Vietnam Raeder-Vogel Vulkollan press-on tyres
Our article description: 179 Z/300/090/203
Load capacity: 2160 kg
Unit weight: 7,5 kg
(Code: 179Z/300/203x90)  
Raeder-Vogel  Vietnam Raeder-Vogel Vulkollan press-on tyres
Our article description: 179 Z/180/075/120
Load capacity: 1140 kg
Unit weight: 2,6 kg
(Code: 179Z/180/120x075)    
Wampfler Vietnam Wampfler Spare part roller 080PU
Code: 030113-080.2
(Code: KE @80)        
Wampfler Vietnam Wampfler Spare part roller 050ST
Code: 030105-050.1
(Code: KE @50)   
Systemair Vietnam Systemair Axial Fan
C/w 300oC/2hrs
Fan model: AXC 800-9 / 14° - 4  (B)
(Type : ACX800-9/140-4(S)
- Total capacity: 396000 m3/h
- Capacity per unit: 18000 m3/h
- Static pressure: 300 Pa.
- Air type: Fresh air.
- Temperature: Ambient.
- Differential pressure: 3 mbar.
- Speed: 1450 rpm.
- Motor: 3kW/1450rpm. Volt: 400V, frequency: 50Hz
- Silencer: No.
- Flow valve: No)
Systemair Vietnam Systemair The Axial is quoted following Spring isolator(set). 1 set x 4 pcs & Flange(Inlet/Outlet)
Ametek Vietnam Ametek Point Level Measurement Z-TRON III Z01-205CC
Power Supply:  24 VDC
Sensing Element:  700-0206-201
Mounting: 3/4" 316SS NPT
Cote-Shield Length:  2 Inch (50 mm)
Insertion Length:  18 IN, 457 MM
E+H Vietnam PMP131-A1101A74 (PMP 131-A1101A74)
Cerabar T PMP131
Integral Hydraulik Vietnam Type: Coil DC205 R900071036
(COIL 900071036E 180/205VDC 30W
(Coil of valve W4A-6M004-DC2 05/2 Integral hydraulic))
Ross Vietnam ROSS_COIL 306K33 (306 K33)
Noted: confirm voltage before order
Utilcell Vietnam LOAD CELL MOD. 300 (200Kg capacity)
(Loadcell MOD300; nominal capacity: 200Kg)
Weight: 6kg
Sew Vietnam Sew Gear motor
Type: R47 DRS90M4/TH
weight: ca. 35 kg/pc
(Type: R47 DT90L4/TH KW: 1.5/1.5/S1;
R/Min: 1410/87/ 1710/105;
Sew Vietnam Sew Incremental encoder sew eurodrive
Type: ES 16 OG72D6C (ES16 OG 72 D 6 C)
weight: ca. 0,4 kg/pc
PCE Vietnam PCE Infrared thermometer
Model: PCE 889
Rittal Vietnam Replaced by: 3241100
Type: SK
Fan & filter unit 230-250m3/h 255x255 mm
Sartorius Vietnam Sartopure IND
PN: 5502102P1-G
Flenco Vietnam  Flenco Micro switch
P/N: 7213003
Long: 37 mm
Wide: 28 mm
P+F Vietnam  217921
Note: Sensor head bidirectional and rotatable then
SUNDOO Vietnam Model: LD-A 
(TH200 (LD-A))
Jumo Vietnam No: 00312888
Code: 608201/2010-814-02-500-913-10-104-9626-100/000
(Type: 808201/2010-814-02-500-913-10-104-96-26-100/0000
Vartn: 80/00312888
F-NR: 0148915301038
F73.100 SIZE D100 0-100 T0C G1/2B)
KNF Vietnam Spare parts for N726FTE:
PN: 010163
KNF Vietnam O-RING (S)
PN: 010162
PN: 008822
KNF Vietnam SLEEVE (U)
PN: 008823
Ferraz Vietnam Replaced by: V1014571
690V AC GRB 3A, 10X38 (DIAMETER X LENGTH), I1 160 KVA)
IFM Vietnam P/N: DI5001
Type: DIA3010-ZPKG 
Meister Vietnam Art No: 50XM1004XG25S
Meister Flow Monitor DKM-1/4 G 1"
Range: 1 - 4 l/min
Oil - Density 900kg/m³
Viscosity compensated
Version: brass
Contact: normally open (SPST)
250V 3A 100VA, IP 65
Operating pressure max. 250 bar
Temperature max. 120°C