ANS Vietnam hân hạnh giới thiệu list kho ma chúng tôi là nhà phân phối: 


Boll & Kirch Filterbau  Indicator
Type: 4.36.2
Part No.: 0550001
Note: please advise pressure bar 0.5, 0.8, 1.2 or 2.0 upon order
Pora Vietnam Pcb
Code: P300 (old one)
Pora Vietnam Pcbc
Code: P310(old one)
Pora Vietnam Pcb
Code: EPC-MAIN-V1.3 (new one)
Mayr Vietnam Code: 8180160
ROBA-switch, Rectifier
Type 017.000.2S Size 20
Mayr Vietnam Code: 0920298
ROBA-stop M
Type 891.080.1 S Size 150, as S/N J9120167
Micronics Vietnam Code: DBK+4/EMPF /M12/3BEE/M18
Dwyer Vietnam Model: 628-03-CH-P2-E1-S5-LED
AGR Vietnam C522
LIGHT POLARIZER _ Đèn phân cực
The Light Polarizer is a viewing device for detecting material flows and stresses in PET and PEN preforms.
Ability to view images in full color185x400mm (7.25-15.75in) polarizing field with light source Illuminator with 15W fluorescent light source with integrated   on/off switch
Table-mounted unit with adjustable viewing angle
Reference poster for identification of preform defects included
Includes a  CD Instruction Manual.
Celduc Vietnam Model: SO842974
25A/12-275Vac/VDR/Ctrl 20-265Vac/dc/Led/Regulated Input/IP20
Celduc Vietnam Model: SO842974
25A/12-275Vac/VDR/Ctrl 20-265Vac/dc/Led/Regulated Input/IP20
Wolf Vietnam Code: H-251MK2
Wolflite Handlamp with Krypton bulb & rechargeable battery, Charger not included
Wolf Vietnam Code: C-251HV
Mains Charger (230/115V AC) with UK type 3 pin plug fitted
Wolf Vietnam Code: H-4DCA
ATEX Wolflite Primary Cell Handlamp (excluding batteries)
MTL Instruments Vietnam Type: MTL5516c
MTL5516c 2 Ch DI c/o relay output + LFD
Atago Vietnam Code: 381
Model: PAL-1
Celduc Vietnam Code: SCB941600
FINE Vietnam Code: FS 2101C
Digital Weighing Indicator
Sorensen Ametek Vietnam Model: XDL 35-5
Power Supply, 105W, 1 output 0-35V, 0-3A or 0-15V, 0-5A Front terminal only
GF Vietnam Code: 3-9900-1P
Signet 9900
GF Vietnam Code: 3-2724-00
PH Sensor
GF Vietnam Code: 3-2750-3
Signet 2750 PH/ORP
GF Vietnam Code: 3-9900.393
Signet 9900 Relay Module
Yokogawa Vietnam Model: EJA210A-DMSD2F3B-92DN/D4
Yokogawa Vietnam Replaced by: UT55A-000-10-00
UT55100 is Discontinued