100% Germany origin IFM Vietnam Code: IG5841
100% Germany origin SEMIKRON Vietnam Code: SKET400/16E
100% Europe/China origin Festo Vietnam Code: PEV-1/4-B
Art No: 10773
100% Germany/Indonesia origin Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam OBT200-18GM70-E4
Replaced by
100% UK origin IMO Vietnam Code: MSR/00-0C
Photo-Electric Switch M18
Through-Beam Receiver,Cable 2m
PBT Body, 90 Deg. Exit
100% Japan origin Azbil Vietnam Code: P31A5K0AS00100
100% Japan origin Fuji Vietnam Code: DR30B6-EB
100% Japan origin Fuji Vietnam Code: DR30E3L-E4W
100% Germany origin TURCK Vietnam Correct code : MS21-12EX0-R/230
100% Japan origin Nemicon Vietnam Code: NOE-50-2MD
Note : code này hàng China
100% Singapore origin Pepperl+Fuchs Vietnam Code: NJ1,5-8GM-N
100% Czech origin PULS POWER Vietnam Code: QS20.481
100% Czech origin PULS POWER Vietnam Code: CS5.241
100% Japan origin Fuji Vietnam Code: DR30B6-EB
100% Japan origin Fuji Vietnam Code: DR30E3L-E4W
100% Germany origin Leuze Vietnam Modular connection unit for serial RS232/422 BCL 300i versions with spring clamp terminals internal and gland entries contains BCL parameter memory for fast changing of scanners high IP rating micro-USB port for configuring the scanner
MK 300
Part Number: 50116463
100% Germany origin Leuze Vietnam Industrial 1D Barcode reader 1000scans/sec IP65 selectable connection options Stand alone operation 2x I/O beam exit at lateral side (deflecting mirror) full CRT F-optic for low density codes.
BCL 300i SF 100
Part number: 50116205
100% Korea origin HISCO Vietnam General Service Temperature Switch 
Model: 951T
100% Germany origin Tensometric Vietnam Type: M-1355-NH
Art.-No. 1111-E
Nominal load: 200N; shaft diameter: 10mm g6, length: 23,5mm; integrated amplifier; operating voltage: 24V DC; output signal:
0-10V, corresponding to 0-100% of the nominal load;
with potentiometer for adjust zero and calibration; fixed connection cable: 3m; incl. instruction manual.
100% Japan origin Proface Vietnam Code: PFXGP4401WADW
100% Japan origin Nito Vietnam Code: PF-185-2 
100% Japan origin TDK-Lambda Vietnam Code: HWS600-24 
100% China origin APT Vietnam Code: ALS1-M11/F1
100% China origin Sanmu Vietnam Code: YWF(K)4E350-Z
100% China origin MCGS Vietnam Code: TPC1061Ti 
100% Korea origin Sanwo Vietnam Code: SCGB63-200
100% UK origin PMA Vietnam Ord code: KS41-102-10000-000
Universal Industrial Controller KS 41 - 1/8 DIN "Landscape"
Terminal Type : Flat pin terminals
Power Supply & Outputs : 90-250V AC, 2 relays + mA/logic
Serial Interface & Options : RS422/485 Transmitter PSU + di2, di3
Standard Configuration
No Manual
100% Italy origin Selet Vietnam Code: B01QE04020PSC       
Ordering code: BQ040/20PSCKL                            
interruttore prox
100% Switzerland origin BIRCHER Code: 80260
REGLOMAT Vietnam Replaced model: 212638
  PIR 30/31 bk
  Passive infrared motion detector
  30 housing
  12-24 V AC / 12-30 V DC
  Relay output
  - Grafting disks mounted
  - Swivel bracket attached
  - Mounting bracket attached
100% Japan origin Anritsu Vietnam Model: U-113E-02-D0-1-TC1-ASP