ANS Việt Nam là công ty XNK hàng đầu và là nhà cung cấp chuyên nghiệp các mặt hàng“Thiết bị điện, Điện công nghiệp, Điện tự động”


HOTLINE: 0916551124

ANS VIETNAM hân hạnh giới thiệu list code mà chúng tôi là nhà phân phối:

Meanwell Vietnam Model: PZ-G42B
Meanwell Vietnam Model: DR-120-24
  Bộ nguồn
Mitsubishi Vietnam Model: ZKB-0.6AN
  Powder Clutch
Mindman Vietnam Model: RCE1-2000
KNF Vietnam Item no: 114677/114663
  PUMPE DC 6V MAXON NMS020L ; DC motor with iron-free rotor
IFM Vietnam IG5533
Hontko Vietnam Model: HTR-HH-2-SA60
  ROTARY ENCODER; Cable Length 6 m; Customized Type
IFM Vietnam Model: MS5010
IFM Vietnam Model: IF5538
Micron Vietnam Model: G005K1PG1A07
  Micron General Purpose Transformer
Labomed Vietnam Model: LB-230
  Binocular Biological Digital Microscope (Anti-Fungus) with wide field, Camera and Software (1.3MP) And Led; Illumination
Inventive-System Vietnam Model: BA-200
  OILARM ; Self-cleaning 15 ppm Oil Content Alarm built with U.S.C.G. and A.B.S. approvals, fulfilling all the requirements of IMO Resolution MEPC.60(33), suitable for detection of oil-in-water from 2ppm to >150ppm. Power requirements: 120VAC, 50/60 Hz at 60 watts. Equipped with a 6 hole Flange
Hontko Vietnam Model: HTR-G-40A-P
  ROTARY ENCODER; Pulse per Revolution: 40 PPR; Output Phase: ABZ phase; Electronics: Push Pull; Supply Voltage: DC 5~26V
KOFLOC Vietnam Model: 3660-1/4SWL-Air-500sccm-20℃-0
KOFLOC Vietnam Model: 3660-1/4SWL-Air-200sccm-20℃-0
KOFLOC Vietnam Model: 3660-1/4SWL-NO2-500sccm-20℃-0 (CR)
KOFLOC Vietnam Model: 3660-1/4SWL-NO2-10sccm-20℃-0 (CR)
KOFLOC Vietnam Model: 3660-1/4SWL-CO2-500sccm-20℃-0
KOFLOC Vietnam Model: 3660-1/4SWL-CO2-10sccm-20℃-0
KOFLOC Vietnam Model: 3660-1/4SWL-CO-500sccm-20℃-0
KOFLOC Vietnam Model: 3660-1/4SWL-CO-10sccm-20℃-0
KOFLOC Vietnam Model: 3660-1/4SWL-O2-10sccm-20℃-0
KOFLOC Vietnam Model: 3660-1/4SWL-O2-500sccm-20℃-0
KOFLOC Vietnam Model: 3660-1/4SWL-H2-10sccm-20℃-0
KOFLOC Vietnam Model: 3660-1/4SWL-H2-500sccm-20℃-0
KOFLOC Vietnam Model: 3660-1/4SWL-CH4-10sccm-20℃-0
KOFLOC Vietnam Model: 3660-1/4SWL-CH4-500sccm-20℃-0
KOFLOC Vietnam Model: 3660-1/4SWL-H2S-10sccm-20℃-0 (CR)
KOFLOC Vietnam Model: 3660-1/4SWL-H2S-500sccm-20℃-0 (CR)
KOFLOC Vietnam Model: 3660-1/4SWL-NH3-10sccm-20℃-0 (CR)
KOFLOC Vietnam Model: 3660-1/4SWL-NH3-500sccm-20℃-0 (CR)
KOFLOC Vietnam Model: 3200-1/4SWL-SO2-10sccm-20℃-0 (perfluoro)
KOFLOC Vietnam Model: 3660-1/4SWL-SO2-10sccm-20℃-0
KOFLOC Vietnam Model: 3200-1/4SWL-SO2-500sccm-20℃-0 (perfluoro)
KOFLOC Vietnam Model: 3660-1/4SWL-SO2-500sccm-20℃-0
KOFLOC Vietnam Model: CR-400B
KOFLOC Vietnam Model: CP-STD-1M
  Cable (1 meter)
M.C. Miller Vietnam Item No.: 15210
  RE-5C Electrode
M.C. Miller Vietnam Item No.: ELE016
  O Ring
M.C. Miller Vietnam Item No.: 15505
  RE-5C Plug Assembly
M.C. Miller Vietnam Item No.: SUB150
  Rod assembly
M.C. Miller Vietnam Item No.: 15902
  Protective Cap
M.C. Miller Vietnam Item No.: 17003
  40 oz bottle Crystals
IMO Vietnam Model: MB09-P-10=24
  Mini Contactor 3 Pole Open 4kW 9A AC3, 1 Normally Open Aux, PCB Mount, 24V DC Coil
IFM Vietnam Model: IM5124
Martens Vietnam Model: CT500P-2-5-00
  Current and voltage transmitter; Amount of channels: 2
  Input direct connection / via current transformer: 5A
  without options
IFM Vietnam Model: II5910
IFM Vietnam Model: IIS206
IFM Vietnam Code: IG0087
MEIH Vietnam Model: MH1210A – 220V
  Digital temperature controller
IMO Vietnam Model: DPS-1-120-24DC
  Power Supply 90-265VAC Input, 24V DC Output 120 Watts 5A
IFM Vietnam II0340
MEDC Vietnam Model: DB7PBB024NR
  Sounder, IP66, Material: GRP, Certification: ATEX approved Ex II 1G, BASEEFA; Certified, EExia IIB T4, Voltage: 24VDC, Labels: None, Finish: Red
Mitsubishi Vietnam Model: BK0-C2101H01
  Line Filter Type: FR-BLF
Kofloc Vietnam Model: RK1710-Air/N2-5L/min
  Compact flow meter RK1710-Air/N2-5L/min
Keumsung Hightech Vietnam Model: GSED-305N
  Auto Drain Trap