AnsVietnam –List code:

Electro-Sensor Vietnam Part No.: 800-001620
Shaft Speed Sensors ST420-C-0019 0.2 - 200 RPM, 8 PPR
Electro-Sensor Vietnam Part No.: 800-001603
ST420 2-100 rpm
Honsbergs Vietnam Order Code: FF-015RMS-125
Flow Switch ; Nominal diameter: DN 15
Connection: Male thread 1-14 UNS; Housing: Hot-pressed brassed
Pressure resistance: PN 200; Internal parts: Brass; Seal: CR
Media temperature: -20 ... +100 °C
Environmental temperature: -20 ... +70 °C
Switching point: 10 l/min decreasing off; Switching head: Brass
Electrical connection: Pg 9 with 950 mm silicone cable and AD
Electrical contact: Reed switch; Max. contact load: 230 V AC 1 A 50 VA; Connection diagram: Normally-open contact, connection diagram no. 0.212; Protection type: IP65
Flow direction: Horizontal from the left
Schmersal Vietnam Model: AZM 161SK-12/12RK-024
Solenoid interlock 101164207
Schmersal Vietnam Model: AZM 161-B1E (AZM 161 – B1E)
Actuator 101144416
E+H Vietnam Model: FTM50-AGJ2A4A13AA
Level Switch
TURCK Vietnam Correct code: MK13-22P-EX0/24VDC
(MK13-22P-EX0/24V) Amplifier ; Note: recheck code khi order
TURCK Vietnam Model: BIM- IKT-Y1X
Magnetic Field Sensor
TURCK Vietnam Model: IM1-22EX-R
Proximity Sensor