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Heidenhein Vietnam Code: 363409-02
Incremental length gauge MT 2581 93S15 0V ~1Vss 01 .. 1,50 01 1,7mm 50 ES 2,000 KF 01 0,2; Plunger actuation: Extended by spring force; Measuring length: 25 mm; Type of guide: ball guide
Reference mark position: 1.7mm; Accuracy grade: 0.2 μm
Electrical connection: D-sub connector, 2-row, with locking screws,
with integrated electronics, coated, male, 15-pin; Pin configuration: D330978; Cable type: PUR Ø 4.5 mm; Cable length: 1.50 m>
Output signal: sinusoidal; voltage signals (1 Vpp)
Grating period: 4.000 μm; Power supply: 5V+-5%; Degree of protection: IP 50 (EN 60529); Operating temperature: +10/+40 °C
HMS Vietnam Model: AB7000-C
Anybus Communicator PROFIBUS-DP single packed
Hans-Schmidt Vietnam Model: RMU-30
Thickness gauge
Hans-Schmidt Vietnam Model: SFZ-2000
Tension Meter
Hans-Schmidt Vietnam Model: SCV-1
Hans-Schmidt Vietnam Model: SC-PM
Display unit
Hans-Schmidt Vietnam Model: SC-PM4
Panel mount display


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