Fluimac, is a company specialized in the design, construction and manufacture of pumps for industry, used in various fields:
chemical, petrolchemical, graphic, flexographic, ecological, electroplating, leather tanning, paper, food, textiles, shipbuilding, mechanical, ceramic...

Fluimac offers a wide and complete range of products:
Air operated double diaphragm pumps series PHOENIX and PHOENIX FOOD, made ​​of PP, PVDF, AISI 316, ALUMINUM
Automatic pulsation dampers series Damper, made ​​of PP, PVDF, AISI 316, ALUMINIUM, PPS-V
Horizontal centrifugal pumps with mechanical seal series FMZ, and magnetic driven series FMB, FMP, FMR, made ​​of PP and PVDF
Vertical centrifugal pumps series FGK, made ​​of PP and PVDF
Drum transfer pumps series NEPTUNE, electrical, pneumatic and manual, made ​​of PP, PVDF, AISI 316, ALUMINUM
Peristaltic pumps, Mixers and oval gear flow-meter.

Fluimac's products are able to ensure full coverage of use at 360 °, and his staff ensure adequate technical support and assistance quickly and comprehensively.