Emerson Vietnam Model: THR75HC-R22
(THR 75HC - R22), Van Tiết Lưu Sơ Cấp
Emerson Vietnam Model: TER35HC-R22
(TER 35HC - R22), Van Tiết Lưu Thứ Cấp
Danfoss Vietnam Model: 042H1112
Note: Không bao gồm coil
Danfoss Vietnam Model: 042H1110
Note: Không bao gồm coil
Danfoss Vietnam Coil: 018F6176
Danfoss Vietnam Coil: 018F6701
Greisinger – Honsberg – Martens – Imtron - GHM Vietnam Flow Switch
Type: FF-015RMS-125                                
Nominal diameter: DN 015
Connection: Male thread 1-14 UNS
Housing: Hot-pressed brassed
Working pressure: PN 200
Interior parts: Brass
Seal: CR
Media temperature: -20..+100 °C
Ambient temperature: -20..+70 °C
Range for fixed switch: 0.4 - 9 l/min H2O
Adjustment/H2O: 10 l/min descending off
Switch head: Brass
El. connection: Pg 9 with 950 mm silicon cable and AD
El. contact: Reed switch
Max. contact load: 230 V AC  1 A  50 VA
Wiring: SPST NO - no. 0.212
Protection: IP 65
Flow direction: Horizontal, from left