ANS Vietnam hân hạnh giới thiệu đến quí khách sản phẩm mà chúng tôi là đại lý phân phối:

E+H Vietnam Model: TR11-ABACASU42000
E+H Vietnam Model: PMP21-AA1U1SJVUJ
E+H Vietnam Model: PMP21-AA1M1RBWTJ
E+H Vietnam Model: CPF81D-7NN11
E+H Vietnam Model: TXU10-AA
E+H Vietnam Model: PMP23-AA1N1FB1DJ+RW
E+H Vietnam Model: TPR100-AAG2FH000
E+H Vietnam Model: TPR100-AAG2CH000
E+H Vietnam Model: TMT181-A31BA
E+H Vietnam Model: TA30A-1A1+A1
E+H Vietnam Model: TW10-1A1CASD00
E+H Vietnam Model: FMB70-ABA1P12M3CAA
E+H Vietnam Model: FTL31- AA4M3AAW5J
E2S Vietnam Model: STExCP8BGSESDL1A1RE5V1Z
Manual Alarm Call Points – Break Glass
Eletta Vietnam 151212250
S25 FA250 IP65 DR
DENJET CE40-1250 400V/50HZ including :
-20 meter HP hose
-Dump Gun with barrel lance
-Fan Jet Nozzle
E2S Vietnam Model: BExCS110L2DPFAC230AB1A1R/R
Explosion Proof Alarm Horn & LED Beacon
ELCIS Vietnam Model: I/Z59C15-1024-1230-BZ-Z-VL-R-01
NOTE:  C electronics is out of production and it has been replaced on all our encoders with Z electronics that has got the same technical features. We updated the encoder code.
Endurance Vietnam Code: E2ML-F2-L-1-0
(replacement of 3G-10C05-0-0-0-0)
250 to 1100°C (482 to 2012°F) 160:1 D:S
600mm - ∞  (24” - ∞) Manual Variable Focus
Sighting : Laser through the lens and Visible through the lens
Harsh environment option - Air purge and integrated water cooling
Communications: Ethernet network communications interface with installed M12 fieldbus connector and built-in HTTP-Server server (Gives you ASCII, Ethernet, video, webserver)
Special note:  Purchase 3rd Party display (red Lion) and 100M cables in Vietnam (16 AWG 12 core cable)
Endurance Vietnam E-PW
Protective front window (includes O-Ring)
Delta Sensor/ Erinda Vietnam Type: DTS240-SR
Weld Hole Detector
Supply voltage 24VDC - 50 Hz, Supplied with 2 meter cable
Delta Sensor/ Erinda Vietnam Type: EMR-M400
Weld Hole Light Source
Supply voltage 24VDC - 50 Hz ; Supplied with 2 meter cable
Coltraco Vietnam Part No.: 2290334-COMX
Portalevel™ MAX ; Flagship 8th Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator
Ero Electronic Vietnam Temperature Controllers Standard Model: LFS832143000
Note 1: LFS8321430/S  is customizable version not available for sale. You can sell the standard version, LFS832143000, if your customer agrees dau noi mc4
Note 2: just the overlay is different and customized for this customer. The rest is the same.
Dynisco Vietnam Code: 14804100
Indicator (1480-4-1-0-0)


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