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Elco Holding Vetnam Encoder EVR115A12-H4PR-1024+1700
MOXA Vetnam Model: MGate MB3180
Serial-to-Ethernet Modbus gateways
Balluff Vetnam BIC007U
BIC 2I22-P2A02-M18MF2-EPX07-050
Towa Seiden Vetnam Model: HL-400H-L-85mm (HL-400H)
Rotary paddle level switch; Power supply: AC200/220V
Paddle size: W-35x80mm; Contact output: 1C SPDT (250V 5A)
ENERDOOR Vetnam Model: FIN80.010.VFI
SinglePhase Filter 2 x 10
Woonyoung Vetnam Model: WYLY1C03Z4 (WY LY1C 03Z4)
Solid State Relay WY LY1C 03Z4
IFM Vietnam Model: IN5224
Gerfan Vietnam Part no: F043003
MK4-C-B-0600-A-3 MK4-C 00002XXXX00X0XX
Linear Position transducer
Parker Vietnam Model: JC7-SL-AC220V-600MM (JC7-SL-AC220V)
Level Switch
Parker Vietnam Model: JC7-SL-AC220V-200MM (JC7-SL-AC220V)
Level Switch
Oil vapour monitoring   system; Power supply :230V 50Hz ±10%
Operating pressure:3bar(g)..max. 16 bar(g) Measuring range up to 5,0 mg/m3;incl. probe (DN20 or DN25 or DN32 or DN40..or consists of:
1. Evaluation Unit (with  Ethernet  inter-face and integrated   data logger, 2GB)
2. Sensor Unit (measuring  cell with  purificator)
3. Signal cable, length  5m (with  plugs, to connect measuring cell with  display  unit)
4. Factory calibration report; 8. Connectors  (alarm contact)
5. Probe (DN20 or DN25 or DN32 or DN40 ...or DN 30)
6. Analog output  4-20 mA
7. Software  (download  data and monitoring)
9. Connectors  (anlouge  output); 10. Ball valve oil-and grease-free
BEKO Vietnam METPOINT OCV commissioning
Unit Price/day; fit 3day
E+H Vietnam Model: FMU40-ARB2A2
Metrix Vietnam Code: HI-913
Portable Shaker, Adjustable Freq w/Fixed Ampl, Adjustable Amplitude, 115/220V, Portable Shaker, w/Pelican Case, CE pproved
Metrix Vietnam Code: HI-223-9M
Proximity Probe daptor Kit, English (MILS)
Metrix Vietnam Code: 02050049
Mounting Spacer
Metrix Vietnam Code: 0228 -0136-01
Mounting Plate, Magnetic 2" Dia, 1/4" thick
Metrix Vietnam Code: 0228-0137-01
Adapter stud.  1/4-28 UNF to 3/8-24 (for HI 5701VT)
Metrix Vietnam Code: 0228-0075-01
4140 Steel Target (incl w/ 223/224 Kits)
Metrix Vietnam Code: 0228-0071-02
Velocity/Universal Transducer Adapter, w/ screw
Metrix Vietnam Code: 0228-0070-03
Bushing, 1/4-28 to 2-56 UNC (Standard)
SICK Vietnam Code: 1042046
RKC Vietnam Model: AG500
Code: 4*N-N-N-N-N1-801
Danfoss Vietnam Model: FC-280PK75T4E20H1BXCXXXSXXXXA0
Danfoss Vietnam Model: FC-280P3K0T4E20H1BXCXXXSXXXXA0
Mindman Vietnam Model: MCQA-11-100-100-FAC-Y
Bore: 100mm, Stroke: 100mm
Mindman Vietnam Model: MCQA-11-100-100-FAC
Bore: 100mm, Stroke: 100mm
Bussmann Vietnam Code: 170M2621
Fuse 400A
Bussmann Vietnam Code: SKKH 106/16E
Hirschmann Vietnam Model: MAR1040-4C4C4C4C9999SMMHR
Hirschmann Vietnam Model: MAR102099TTTTTTTTTTTTMM9999999999SMMHP
SIKO Vietnam Replaced by: DA09S-0307
(DA09-2367) Digital Position Indicator
Posital Fraba Vietnam Replaced by: OCD-D2C1B-0012-C100-H3P
IXARC Absolute Rotary Encoder
NOTE: OCD-D2B1B-0012-C100-H3PÀDiscontinued product! Successor product is: OCD-D2C1B-0012-C100-H3P
Novotechnik Vietnam Part no.: 024309
LWH-0225 Potentionmeter
Kinetrol Vietnam SP056
Kinetrol Model 10 Actuator Seal Kit includes 2 x Expanders and 2 x Vane Seals
Kinetrol Vietnam DSP806
Kinetrol Model 10 Actuator Side Plates (Pair)
Kinetrol Vietnam Test Certificate + Certificate of Conformity
IMO Vietnam Model: DPS-1-120-24DC
Power Supply 90-265VAC Input, 24V DC Output 120 Watts 5A
KEM Vietnam Model: K3ER-220C (K3ER 220C)
Negative phase relay
Union Elecom Vietnam Model: UP50S24
Union Power Supply
Condor Pressure Control Vietnam Art No.: 212799
Control pressure switch
Code: MDR43 DAA BAAA xxxA040 XAA XXX
Type: MDR43/6;G 1/2";WN
Balluff Vietnam BMF001Z
BMF 10E-PS-D-2-SA1-S49
Balluff Vietnam BCC02M8
BCC M313-0000-10-001-PX0334-020 Single-Ended Cordsets
Gerfan Vietnam Part no: F003529
LT-M-0175-S 0000X000X00 Linear transducer
Towa Seiden Vietnam Model: HL-400H-L-100mm (HL-400H)
Rotary paddle level switch ; Power supply: AC100/ 110V or AC200/220; Paddle size: W-35x80mm
Contact output: 1C SPDT (250V 5A)
Towa Seiden Vietnam Model: HL-400-L-85mm (HL-400)
(HL-400 - L=85mm) Rotary paddle type level switch; Power supply AC100/110 or AC200/220V; Contact output: 1C SPDT (250V 5A)
Paddle size: W35x80mm; Lead wire: 0.5m
Towa Seiden Vietnam Model: HL-400-L-100mm (HL-400)
Rotary paddle level switch; Power supply: AC100/110 or 200/220V
Paddle size: W-35x80mm; Contact output: 1C SPDT (250V 5A)
Towa Seiden Vietnam Model: HL-400-L-135mm (HL-400)
Rotary paddle type switch; AC100/110 or AC200/220V
Paddle size: W-35x80mm; Contact output: 1C SPDT (250V 5A)
Koganei Vietnam Model: CS-BDAS16X15
Shimax Vietnam Model: 110-4E1/DC24V
Solenoid Valve 110-4E1/DC24V
Kofloc Vietnam Model: 3660-1/4SWL-O2-2000SCCM-20°C
Flow Meter
Kofloc Vietnam Model: 3660-1/4SWL-N2-2000SCCM-20℃
Flow Meter
Balluff Vietnam BES01U0
BES Q08ZC-PSC20B-BV03 Inductive Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BES0433
BES M12EE-PSC40B-S04G-L01 Inductive Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BCC032L
BCC M415-0000-1A-014-PS0434-050 Single-Ended Cordsets
Balluff Vietnam BHS003J
BES 516-300-S295/1.025"-S4
Balluff Vietnam BIS00T6
BIS VM-352-001-S4 HF (13,56 MHz)
Balluff Vietnam BMF001Z
BMF 10E-PS-D-2-SA1-S49 Magnetic Sensors
Balluff Vietnam BCS00TW
BCS S20TT09-GPSFHF-EP00,3-GS49 Capacitive Sensors
BFI Automation Mindermann Vietnam Replaced by: 6020-3002-10 (Replaces part no: G 602.1)
Power Supply 3002A, 230V AC; Status output, 1 x 24V, 2.5A
BFI Automation Mindermann Vietnam Replaced by: 6020-3001-20 (Replaces part no: G 601.D)
Flame Amplifier 3001D
Mark-10 Vietnam Code: ESM303
Test Stand
Mark-10 Vietnam Code: M5-1000
Force Gauges 5000N
Mark-10 Vietnam Code: 09-1214
Interface cable, gauge to test stand crosshead
Mark-10 Vietnam Code: G1061
Wedge Grips
Mark-10 Vietnam Code: AF019
Controller Options: Break Detection
Mark-10 Vietnam Code: AF009
Controller Options: Travel Measurement
Mark-10 Vietnam Code: 15-1004
MESUR™gauge Software
Mark-10 Vietnam Code: 09-1165
USB Cable
Electro-Sensors Vietnam Part No.: 800-021100
Electro-Sensors Vietnam Part No.: 700-000206
Pulser Discs 255EZ NYLON 16 MAG 4.00x.25x.515 STD
CSF Vietnam Model: TADGF0003
Statore M50-1 MO79 (N2); M50/1 WHITE-FOOD
For food grade Spare for pump: MAN 50-1/BF.BNT00 S/N M030214
CSF Vietnam Model: TGFTY35476
Packing Triplex; Pacco Treccia M 50 KV40-AF/R100
CSF Vietnam Model: PCCCL0501
Kit Giunti Snodo; M 50-1/2 440C/ 440 C / 1.4125
CSF Vietnam Model: TADGF0008
CSF Vietnam Model: TADGF0005
Statore M65-1  MO39; FOOD GRADE
NBR-L G069A FG light / NBR-L  G069A FG l
STATOR, M65/1 WHITE-FOOD/FDA   for Pump M65/1
Alphamoisture Vietnam Code: SADPminiEx-GY-B-X-UK-CC
(SADPminiExGYBXUKCC) Ergonomic Hand held portable dewpoint hygrometer; Sensor Type: Ultra High Capacitance Aluminium Oxide
Measuring Range: -80°C to 0°C dewpoint or equivalent
Measuring Units:  °C, °F, ppmv, ppbv, ppmw, g/m3, lb/MMSCF units
I.S. Certification:  ATEX II 1G; Ex ia IIC T4 Ga (Ta = -20°C to +40°C)
Ex ia IIC T3 Ga (Ta = -20°C to +50°C)
Operating Temperature : -20°C to +50°C
Operating Pressur: For use at atmospheric pressure (< 0.3 barg)
Integral calculator to display pressure dewpoints
Power Supply: Rechargeable Lithium ion battery
Display: Multi line display with graphics capability
Sample Connections: Swagelok stainless steel compression fitting for ¼in, ⅛in or 6mm. OD tube (-X- to be specified in order code) and a “fir tree” connector for 6mm ID sample tube; Automatic Calibration: “AutoCal” facility for span check and adjustment Single point calibration facility; Accuracy: ±2°C Dewpoint
Included:  2 metres of 6mm ID PTFE sample tube.
Operating Instruction Manual; Carrying case with shoulder strap and belt loop; Calibration Certificate (traceable to National/ International Humidity Standards)
Alphamoisture Vietnam Data logging option, Type L
ISKRA Vietnam Model: MI456
Measuring Transducers
Gessmann Vietnam Model: V64B1DD-01ZC+01ZC
Multi-axis controller V64 right; Palm grip B1 /1 TOP+ 1 SIDE
direction 5-6 spring return 1-0-1 /1 OEC 2-4-1
direction 7-8 spring return 1-0-1 /1 OEC 2-4-1
Including Cable with connector ( V64B1 DDD – 01zc+01zc)
Gessmann Vietnam Model: V64.1B5-D-01ZC
Multi-axis controller V64.1 left (V64.1B5D -01zc)
Gessmann Vietnam Model: V64B1DD-02ZC+02ZC
Multi‐axis controller V64 left; Palm grip B1  / top‐side
direction 5- 6 spring return 1‐0‐1 /1 OEC 2‐4‐1
direction 7-8 spring return 1-0-1 /1 OEC 2-4-1
(V64B1 DD -02zc+02zc)
eWon - HMS Vietnam Model: EC6133D
Celluar 3G Industrial Remote Access Router eWON Cosy 131
  Codequenchinhsua: 800-021100
MTS Sensor Vietnam Model: RHM0830MD701S2G1100
Position Sensor; Temposonics® R-Series; Stroke length: 830mm
Dongkun Vietnam Model: DVN-081
Ventillator 1ph 220V 50/60Hz
Ebm-Papst Vietnam Model: R2E220-AA40-B8
SIMCO Vietnam Code: 4002667
AEROSTATXC; Input:230VAC, 50HZ, 1.8A ( Heater: 350W)
FuseL 5.0A, 5X20MM, Time Lag
Flowcell Vietnam Model: SGK-1-50-2B-1-A
Flow Mter Size : 50A; Fluid : AX gas; Flowrate : 15 ~ 150 N㎥/HR
Pressure : 3450 mmAq; Temp' :AMB; Material : SUS304
Flowdirectin : Bottom ⇒ Top; Connection : JIS 10K RF
Woonyoung Vietnam Model: WYH1C20Z40 (WY H1C 20Z40)
Solid State Relay-SSR
Balluff Vietnam BTL0MPN
BTL6-E500-M0350-PF-S115 Magnetostrictive Sensors
SHLIXIN Vietnam Model: 4WE5N-6.0/AW220-50NZ4V
Ebm-Papst Vietnam Replaced by: W2E200-HK86-01
(W2E200-HH86-01) FAN; Note: Recheck code khi order
NACHI Vietnam Code: 6006C3
Eurotherm Vietnam Model: 2216E-AL-VH-XX-XX-FH/2XX-ENG/XXXXX/XXXXXX/K/0/1200/C/XX/XX/XX
Temperature Controller
Eurotherm Vietnam Model: 2216E/CC/VH/H7/XX/FH/2XX/ENG/XXXXX/XXXXXX/K/0/1200/C/XX/XX/XX
Temperature Controller
Shimax Vietnam Model: MAC5A-MCF-EN
Temperature Controller
Norgren Vietnam Model: V61B517A-A2000
5/2-WV-Mono G1/4 without magnet
ASCO Vietnam Correct Code: SCG551B401MO.230/50
5/2-3/2-way solenoid valve NAMUR, 230V, 50Hz 1/4'
Note: 220V is not available anymore 
Burkert Vietnam Replaced by: 00296425
(00132727) 3/2 and 5/2-way-pneumatic valve 32 mm
Type 6519
Delcon Vietnam Model: GLO5TR (GLO 5TR)
Output Relay 5 VDC/240 VAC 2,5 A GL-series
DUT KOREA Vietnam Model: DHV1218-2K
Mixing Head
Dwyer Vietnam Model: 641-6-LED
KNF Vietnam Model: NMP850.1.2 KNDCB
Micro Diaphragm Gas Pumps NMP850.1.2 KNDCB
KNF Vietnam Model: NMP850.1.2 KTDCB
Micro Diaphragm Gas Pumps NMP850.1.2 KNDCB
ON Semiconductor / Fairchild Vietnam Model: FQA40N25
Seojin Instech Vietnam Model: ST-3S-C-1-B-1-C-2-B-1
Level Meter
Hohner Italy Vietnam Updated code has become 28-28KW7.R98/1000
R before 98  is to identify the encoder as a spare part / replacement
As requested by our customer who is the builder of the machine, please note the encoder comes with the male connector only
Lika Vietnam Model: C81-H-1024ZCU444P/S526
SOCOMEC Vietnam Model: 41AC4040
Balluff Vietnam BES02YJ
BES M30MG1-PSC40F-S04G Inductive Sensors
E2S Vietnam Model: BExBGL2DPDC024AB4A1R/A
Explosion Proof L.E.D. Status Light & Beacon
E2S Vietnam Model: BEXBGL2DPDC024AB4A1R/R
Explosion Proof L.E.D. Status Light & Beacon
E2S Vietnam Model: BEXS120DFDC024AB4A1R
Explosion Proof Flare Horn Alarm Sounder
ERO Electronics Vietnam Model: LFS832143000 (LFS 8321430/S)
Temperature Ccontrollers
Bihl+Wiedemann Vietnam Model: BWU1345
AS-i Analog Input Module, IP20, 2AI (4...20mA/0…10V)
AS-i Analog Input Module in IP20, 22,5 mm x 92 mm, with 4 x COMBICON connections, 2 analog inputs (4...20 mA/0…10 V), input voltage/sensor supply selectable, out of AS-i or out of AUX, default out of AS-i, periphery connection via clamps, AS-i connection via clamps, 1 single slave
Bihl+Wiedemann Vietnam Model: BWU1412
AS-i Analog Output Module, IP20, 2AO (0...20mA/0...10V)
AS-i Analog Output Module in IP20, 22,5 mm x 92 mm, with 4 x COMBICON connections, 2 analog outputs (0...20 mA/0...10 V), output voltage/actuator supply selectable, out of AS-i or out of AUX, default out of AS-i, periphery connection via clamps, AS-i connection via clamps, 1 single slave
Bihl+Wiedemann Vietnam Model: BWU1702
AS-i 3.0 PROFIBUS Gateway in Stainless Steel, 1 master
AS-i 3.0 PROFIBUS Gateway in Stainless Steel, 1 AS-i master, duplicate address recognition, AS-i fault detector
Bihl+Wiedemann Vietnam Model: BWU1703
AS-i 3.0 PROFIBUS Gateway in Stainless Steel, 2 masters
AS-i 3.0 PROFIBUS Gateway in Stainless Steel, 2 AS-i masters, duplicate address recognition, AS-i fault detector
Woojin Servo Vietnam Model: IH9S90-22-A3
Induction Motor
IFM Vietnam Model: EVC04A
Keyence Vietnam Model: SL-V48H
Keyence Vietnam Correct Code: GT2-H12
(GT2-12) Note: Recheck code  khi order
Festo Vietnam Model: J-5/2-D-3-C
Pneumatic Valve Part No: 151865
Festo Vietnam Model: V/O-3-1/8
Stem Aactuated Valve Part No: 4938
Festo Vietnam Model: LF-1/2-D-MIDI
Filter Part number: 159578
Festo Vietnam Model: MPPES-3-1/2-10-420
Proportional pressure regulator Part number: 187327
  Modelquenchinhsua: 10-15631_R-1024
Gefran Vietnam M31-8-H-P75C-1-4-D-XM110 2130X000X00
Honeywell Vietnam Model: 2106-B-1401
Sensepoint H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) 0-20 Ppm Toxic Sensor M20
Yaskawa Vietnam Model: CIMR-HB4A0018FBA
Inverter (CIMR-HB4A0018FAA)
Festo Vietnam Model: MFH-5-1/8-B
Solenoid Valve Part No: 19758 (Without Coil)
Yasui MFG Vietnam Model: GF-2005G-69
Oil Cooler
MOOG Vietnam Model: B64565-001V
Moog Equivalent Element
PR Electronic Vietnam Code: 4116
PR Universal Transmitter
E2S Vietnam Model: GNExS1DC024S2A1R
Alarm Horn Sounder
Festo Vietnam Model: MPPES-3-1/2-6-420
Proportional pressure regulator; Part No: 187331
Festo Vietnam Model: GRLA-3/8-B
Control Valve; Part No: 151178
Pfister Vietnam Part No.: 837.123.10.20
Solenoid Valve 2/2 Way
Nemicon Vietnam Model: OVW2-01-2MHC
Encorder; Note: Báo giá theo nameplate
Ebm-Papst Vietnam Model: OVW2-01-2MHC
Encorder; Note: Báo giá theo nameplate
TDK-Lambda Vietnam Model: FDL120-E-70
Koshin Seikosho Vietnam Model: HC4-4J