The Concept in the Logo Mark

In April 2015, Anritsu changed the logo used for 30 years.


Anritsu Logo Mark


About Shape

The space before the point where the two lines forming the "A" cross represents Anritsu sharing its customers' dreams, the vision it is creating, and a prosperous future realized by its partnership with customers. The newly added curve adds a more flexible image to the sharpness that represents the technologies we have cultivated to date, representing a more flexible and stronger global team.


About Color

Green : The blue-green color expresses Anritsu's stance of facing the future energetically, while retaining the philosophy of "sincerity, harmony, and enthusiasm."

Gray : The slightly blue-tinged gray represents reliability and dependable technologies and the reliability that backs them up.


History of the company name and Anritsu's logo mark

Logo 1965-1985

Logo 1965-1985

Logo 1985-2015

Logo 1985-2015


The Concept in envision : ensure

The “TYK radio telephone,” the world’s first practical use wireless telephone and the original of the smartphone. The common-battery telephone, the foundation for the public telephone. 
The first domestically-manufactured radio broadcast receiver and television transmitter. 
Innovative test and measurement instruments for communications which supports optical and digital networks stretched across seas and borders and mobile broadband services today.
Anritsu, which has always supported the advancement of information-telecommunication society, now makes a new promise in order to ensure that we proceed on the path towards being the global market leader.
That is envision : ensure.
“Anritsu promises to share our dream with our customers and create a vision. A vision that, through innovation, leads to tangible results that exceed customer expectations.”
This is the message contained in envision : ensure.


Brand Statement

About envision

This word expresses the visionary partnership we offer our customers. With them, we share dreams, collaborate in the creation of innovative new products and services that generate high added value, and lead to long-term, lasting relationships.


About ensure

This word expresses our unwavering commitment to quality and function in everything we do. It also represents the strong relationship we build with our customers, based on trust in our dedication to pursue and realize the vision we share with our customers.


About the colon

Represents balance. Like a mathematical formula, it denotes that the left side is equal to the right. This shows that Anritsu is committed both to nurturing dreams, and to bringing them to life.


Brand Proposition

" Visionary partnership to innovate for tomorrow's society "

At the Anritsu Group, we strive to create new value that will contribute to a safer, healthier, more secure, and more prosperous society.
We will work as a trusted partner with our customers to deliver win-win collaboration.
Our extensive experience and practical field knowledge enable us to offer industry-leading foresight and creativity.
Together, we can change society.